Flynn Cattle Company
Since 1874

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Our History

Matt Flynn emigrated from Ireland in the late 1860s.  He and his best friend Peter Norton established adjacent homesteads in Southern Tulare County by 1874.  The many stories of their tenacity and hardship include at least two treks across the Sierra Nevada mountains to market their sheep in Montana.  Soon, Winifred Norton, joined her brother and Matt in California -- she and Matt were married and the three friends worked and developed the Flynn and Norton homesteads into what is now the Flynn Ranch.

A Legacy of Innovation

Matt Flynn's grandson Jim married Marlene Menne, the daughter of a neighboring pioneer family of Ducor.  Together they continued the tradition of ranching and farming by adopting and developing many new techniques and technologies over the last 40 years. Among her many talents, Marlene was especially gifted in her ability to improve her cattle through selective breeding. Along with the commercial cow herd and after many successful years with 4-H and the show careers of their 5 children, Marlene and Jim established Flynn Show Steers. For over twenty years, Marlene's program has produced hundreds of successful projects. She and her family were among the first in California to adopt AI breeding practices to improve her product. Her personal contributions to the advancement of the industry are in the many friendships that we cherish today.  Jim and Matt (the original Matt's Great-grandson!) and the entire family continue to embrace innovation in the tradition of excellence in great genetics and customer relationships.

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